Smarterer is Sweet

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Smarterer is really cool!  It lets you take tests online and it is really well put together–I was really impressed!  I started taking tests on all the things I really should be an Expert or Master at, and the best I got was an Expert in computer hardware.

Luckily, I’m also at least proficient in all the programming languages I use on a day-to-day basis (C, C#, C++)–I even got Proficient in HTML :)

The questions are all user submitted, ranked, tested and approved.  I really like the concept behind this network, especially if it continues to grow and trend.  I first learned of this site on singularity hub.  See their article When Resumes Aren’t Enough: Prove To Employers That You Know Your Stuff With Smarterer by Peter Murray where he discusses the power of Smarterer and how it came to existence.

I’m sure I’ll have more to post about this after I’ve played around more and made some of my own questions.  For now I still have more learning to do.  For example, I don’t even know if I can retake a test yet :)

Happy testing.

Advertising in the Wrong Language

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I got the above email today from Microsoft informing me of their amazing new low prices.   I don’t buy my movies through XBox currently, but this ad lets me understand I can.  Well Microsoft, I don’t know what a “Microsoft Point” is worth.  This email, as you can see, is yet to be opened.

Here is an example of an email I have opened.  Note how quick the subject line gets to the point–and it speaks a language everyone understands.  What’s with everyone trying to roll-their-own currency lately?   I know what a dollar is worth; I do not know what “Microsoft Point” is worth.

The New Grooveshark is an Ad-shark


Today I got a message from Grooveshark; they want me to pay.  Personally, I only care for streaming online music where advertisements are on the sides of the screen, otherwise I’m not interested.

At work today I used Pandora instead of the usual Grooveshark.  This will probably continue until I find a better alternative.

Here’s the request I got on Grooveshark today:

It makes sense, they probably want more money now that they have people hooked into using them–I’m just not down for that.  Upon clicking continue with the $0 TV selected, I get this “Video Engagement” popup where some annoying 40 second YouTube video starts playing.  I immediately pause the video, because I don’t support that form of advertisement.  I try to skip through the ad, but then I’m presented with this message saying they know I didn’t watch the advertisement:

Ok, whatever.   This is when I gave up and just CTRL+T’d to Pandora.

The original company I endorsed was very different then what Grooveshark is today, but I guess that can be expected as the company grows in popularity.  For now I’m using Pandora, because their advertising is less annoying, but I’m sure something better than both Pandora and Grooveshark will come along soon enough.


Test Post From Email

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Test content from email 2. I made changes to filterPostie.php to remove ‘via Postie’ from the subject and ‘Bookmark this category!” from the body. These were apparently examples of functionality you can write into the plugin.

A great tutorial on posting from email can be found here.

Update:  A quick fix to making (via postie) go away is to open filterPostie.php and change the lines

//this function appends "(via postie)" to the title (subject)
$post['post_title']= $post['post_title'] . ' (via postie)';


//this function appends "(via postie)" to the title (subject)
//$post['post_title']= $post['post_title'] . ' (via postie)';

simply commenting it out.

also comment out this line:

 //add_post_meta($post['ID'], 'postie', 'postie');


Computer Engineering, Web Development September 27th 2009

WordPress Editor Stuck in HTML View


This really took me a lot longer than I wanted…  So it seems to be a really common problem that the visual editor in WordPress gets stuck in its HTML view.  This wouldn’t be a problem for me, but I’m trying to develop the Spirit Gymnastics website around the fact that anyone can use TinyMCE to be able to edit the site’s content.

The best guide to solving this problem can be found here:

However, it did not solve my problem.  After trying many other solutions, someone mentioned that their theme’s functions.php file was messing it up for them.  I reverted to the default functions.php file and the visual editor started working instantly.  I don’t remember editing the functions.php file, but maybe… I’m just happy to finally have the problem fixed.

Spirit Gymnastics Website

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Over the past weekend and the start of this week, I’ve been working on a website for Spirit Gymnastics.  Spirit is owned by my uncle Doug Byrnes.  Doug is the head coach of Hamline University’s gymnastics team.  He also runs spirit on the side, which teaches ages from elementary school to high school.  All of the coaches are or at one point were on the Hamline gymnastics team.  The team’s home is at Hamline’s gymnastics gym where they practice and host competitions.

**Update:** You can view the current website here: